• FRP Round Bar Manufacturers, FRP Round Bar Factory, Supply FRP Round Bar
  • FRP Round Bar Manufacturers, FRP Round Bar Factory, Supply FRP Round Bar
  • FRP Round Bar Manufacturers, FRP Round Bar Factory, Supply FRP Round Bar
FRP Round Bar
  • Donghai
  • Henan, China
  • 15-20days
  • 500 tons/month

FRP round bar has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good elasticity, stable and precise size, and has excellent characteristics such as insulation, non-thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. Therefore, it replaces steel and other materials in the process of corrosive environment. Products, and widely used in: sports equipment products, flagpoles, hoods, tents, curtains, benchmarks, exhaust fan columns, car antennas, construction, bridge reinforcement, etc.

The company's products support customization.

The FRP round bar is made of alkali-free and flawless glass fiber roving, which is warped and immersed in polyester resin or epoxy resin for continuous drawing and heating, and has high mechanical properties and mediating properties. Different molds can be made into bars of various shapes and sections to meet different needs of users. FRP round bars can be used in high-voltage electrical equipment (such as high-voltage switches, transformers, capacitors for insulation structural parts, antennas for communication equipment, wire pillars, insulation components for railway wires, engineering rods for coal mines and mine tunnels, grain machines) Hangers, oil field pull rods, metal-free cable support rods, organic composite insulator core rods, etc.

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Product Features

    >> Strong corrosion resistance, good heat and cold resistance, good mechanical strength; suitable for rotating shaft of circuit board printing equipment;

    >> High-strength lightweight impact-resisting ground: flying butterfly ring, baby carriage bracket, game carpet support pole, kite windmill, toys and other people’s livelihood industries;

    >> Insulation anti-static, good magnetic permeability: suitable for aerospace, construction machinery and equipment, transformers and other structural materials.

    >> Anti-aging, long life, maintenance-free: switch latches, water sports equipment, etc.;

    >> Fire retardant, insulation and heat resistance;

    >> The design is strong, light, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.


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    Since its establishment in 1999, Henan Donghai Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has grown stronger with the joint efforts of all employees, and has strong technical strength and complete quality assurance system. In 2005, it passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. In 2006, it passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. In 2016, it passed the OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification. In 2016, it passed the TS16949 automotive industry quality management certification and China Railway. Inspection and Certification Center CRCC certification. In 2016, he won the “Director Quality Award” of the National Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. In 2017, it passed the national high-tech enterprise.

    The company’s business philosophy: first do honest people, and then do the job.

    The company’s core values: Only high-quality products can be produced to enjoy a high-quality life.


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    1. Are You a Manufacturer or Trading Company?
    With our own factory, we can offer high quality at the most reasonable price.
    2. How is the price calculated?
    It depends on what the square meter/thickness/core materials you required.
    3.what's your delivery time?
    15days after we receive the deposit mainly depends on quantity.
    4. Is sample free?
    Yes, we provide a free sample but the freight charge should be responsible for the buyer.

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