frp distribution cabinet

  • SMC Distribution box

    SMC Distribution box

    SMC fiberglass distribution box: 1. Especially it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, beautiful, no light pollution; 2. The box has strong insulation and aging resistance; 3. Chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant insulation, good toughness and other advantages; 4. And has very strong mechanical strength; 5. It has irreplaceable guarantee performance and interchangeability of metal box;

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  • SMC Electrical cabinet

    SMC Electrical cabinet

    FRP electrical cabinet: 1. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good strength and long life 2. Good weather resistance, the box has good heat insulation performance, can prevent moisture condensation. 3. Reliable, the box door adopts a three-point locking structure, which has strong anti-theft performance. 4. Strong sealing, reasonable matching structure fully guarantees the sealing performance of the box, and can prevent various foreign objects from entering the box. 5. Security anti-theft

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