What are the main characteristics of pultrusion


        Pultrusion is a common molding technology in the industry, and the process of composite materials needs to be completed under the action of pultrusion equipment. The well-known pultrusion equipment-FRP pultrusion equipment is the main processing equipment for glass fiber and carbon fiber pultrusion products. So what are the characteristics of pultrusion? The following is a brief summary for everyone.


     First of all, compared with traditional technology, pultrusion technology has high raw material utilization rate. Pultrusion does not need to cut sheet-like fiber materials, and no waste is produced during the production process. Secondly, pultrusion can be applied to profiles with complex structures, such as FRP profiles. At the same time, the production efficiency of pultrusion is high, and the pultrusion equipment used is generally semi-automatic or fully automated production.

Features of pultrusion

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