Our company won the utility model patent certificate again


        Recently, our company has once again obtained a utility model patent certificate for "a glass fiber reinforced plastic profile track traction film forming device" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

       The acquisition of the utility model patent certificate is an affirmation of the technology of our company’s R&D personnel and a proof of the company’s innovative strength. It proves that Henan Donghai Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has a high level of scientific research ability and technical level in the field of composite materials. Affirmed and recognized by the country, the product is unique in the professional field.

        Henan Donghai has been attaching importance to scientific and technological innovation for many years. The acquisition of this certificate is not only an honor, but also strengthens its core competitiveness among peer companies. The process of obtaining a patent is difficult. It requires creative inspiration, in-depth research on the problem, and a lot of time and energy investment. However, as long as you persist, you will surely "be overwhelmed. "Another village in the future", all of Henan Donghai take the research and development patent technicians as an example, actively devote themselves to invention and innovation, and promote our company's composite profile products to continuously achieve new breakthroughs in the quality of invention and creation!

Utility model patent certificate

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