My motherland, I protect with my life


        February 19 is a day worth remembering forever!

        On this day, our country disclosed the details of the Sino-Indian border conflict in the Kalwan River Valley for the first time! When we see the details of these disclosures, we can't bear it, we are moved, we regret, we are shocked, we are angry!

        We can't bear it because we can't bear to see any of the people's soldiers shed blood and sacrifice, but in this conflict, one of our regiment leaders was injured and four soldiers died!

        We are moved because of our children and soldiers. They are our loveliest people. They use their lives to defend the dignity of our motherland and the dignity of the Chinese nation. They have the momentum of "Thousands of people will go forward", and they have "aspirations." They hungry for meat, laughed and thirsty for drinking the blood of the Huns. They have the belief that "those who violate our Chinese will be punishable even if they are far away"! They understand that the sovereignty of the country is sacred and inviolable. They understand that there are hundreds of millions of compatriots behind them! The so-called Great Wall is never just a relic left over a thousand years ago, but the patriotism of the Chinese people!

        We regret that among the four martyrs who died, Chen Xiangrong was only 19 years old, Wang Zhuoran and Xiao Siyuan were only 24 years old, and the oldest Chen Hongjun was only 33 years old. They were so young. Once upon a time, they were still children 90 years old. After 00, the post-00s have assumed the responsibility of defending the motherland, just because they are the soldiers of the people!

        We shocked and shocked our people's soldiers. No matter what danger they are in, they know their mission. They have never taken a step back, and they have never given up any comrade-in-arms!

        We are angry because the Indian side has completely touched the bottom line of our nation. The angry Indian side is so reckless and deliberately causing conflict; the angry Indian side, so shameless, will be beaten afterwards; we should all remember this anger, this anger will always remind us , No matter when, where, and where anyone must defend our motherland and the dignity of our nation; keeping this anger in mind, we will work harder and stronger. Only when we are strong will no one dare to provoke us.

        The hero is gone, they are heavier than Mount Tai! We should keep in mind that we have never had time to be quiet, just because someone is carrying the weight for us, we should work hard and make our own contributions to the strength of the motherland in our own posts, so as to live up to our heroes. The beautiful life from life defense!

My motherland

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