FRP fence does not require maintenance, will not rust, and has strong toughness


        FRP fences come in many colors and are also a special landscape in the use environment. They are light in weight, easy to install, economical, and strong. Today I will take everyone to understand its related content briefly.

        FRP fences are widely used in many fields. The anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties have been recognized by the majority of users. The pultrusion manufacturing process is used to make it more tough; the metal fence is very reliable but will grow after a period of use. Rust or damage, the FRP fences on the market now have good anti-rust performance, which solves the problem of short service life and is welcomed by many factories, especially those with strong corrosive environments.

        After use, the FRP fence basically does not need to be maintained. There is no need to paint on the fence every year. There is basically no maintenance cost. Its strength is close to the strength of steel, which is several times that of ordinary plastics. The service life can reach about 20 years; the surface of the fence is smooth. , The hand feels fine, and it will not fade, crack or become brittle when used in high and low temperature environments.

Will not rust

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